March 4, 2022

Organization Highlight: Denver Butterfly Pavilion

Organization Highlight: Denver Butterfly Pavilion


The Denver Butterfly Pavilion is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing a hands-on learning experience for all. Since 1995, they have focused on educating people on invertebrates and the importance of their seemingly invisible but vital roles in our lives. They currently house over 1,600 free-flying butterflies and a vast array of other insects. Funded solely by donations, the Butterfly Pavilion works around the clock to ensure that the insects receive care for years to come.

Photo from Butterfly Pavilion Website

The Mission

"At Butterfly Pavilion, we transform the way people think about invertebrates. These small but mighty animals that surround us are so much more than people think. They are everywhere because everything depends on them. They are the hidden heroes of the animal kingdom, and we--you and us--stand on the backs of these tiny giants." -Butterfly Pavilion.

Why Is The Butterfly Pavilion Important?

The Denver Butterfly Pavilion gives guests the chance to interact with animals that live in their backyards but mostly go unseen. The pavilion also offers guests the opportunity to see these animals' impact on the Earth's ecosystem. This hands-on learning experience will have guests leaving with new knowledge and understanding about these often disregarded animals.


Colorado Backyard → allows guests to connect with nature and wildlife found commonly throughout Colorado.

Wings of the tropics → allows guests to walk among free-flying butterflies.

Do you have arachnophobia? Try to conquer your fears by holding Rosie the tarantula at Crawl-A-See-Em! Photo from Butterfly Pavilion website

Crawl-A-See-Em → gives guests a chance to see dozens of arthropods in their natural


Water's Edge → allows guests to discover underwater invertebrates

Gardens & Nature Trails → view and explore the life cycle of a Colorado ecosystem

How can you help?

The Denver Butterfly Pavilion is a non-profit that has brought invaluable learning experiences and memories to Coloradans for nearly 30 years, all while operating on donations alone. Guests can show their appreciation and help them keep their residents healthy and happy by donating here: