October 17, 2023

Outway In Action- Moose On The Move!

Outway In Action- Moose On The Move!

Moose on the Move! Rangers preventing collisions in Pitkin County

In Pitkin County, Colorado, just upriver from downtown Aspen, the moose are on the move! While they are majestic, they are arguably the most dangerous wildlife in Colorado. The risk of unsettling these enormous animals increases with human onlookers. Moose can be aggressive when faced with pressure from other animals like us.

Fortunately, rangers here monitor their behavior, creating a buffer between visitors and managing incidents if they arise. Behind the scenes, their operations are synced in Outway, where their team records real-time observations, shares signage postings, and tracks incidents.

📍 Real-time Observations: Rangers share instantaneous observations about moose behavior. Not just for their records but to keep the entire team informed about potential concerns.

🚫 Signage Insights: Knowledge is power. Rangers log the location and details of signs that warn or educate visitors about moose in the area, ensuring everyone is aware and cautious.

⚠️ Incident Tracking: The rangers keep a meticulous record of close encounters. It's not just about the incidents where a moose has charged; it's about understanding patterns, behaviors, and potential danger zones where visitor behavior has spurred issues.

Thanks to dedicated rangers and Outway's help, they have supported the moose as they move through and graze.

FUN FACT: Ever wondered why it's 'moose' for singular and 'moose' for plural instead of 'moose' and 'meese' like 'goose' and 'geese'? Here's why: The word 'moose' has indigenous roots. On the other hand, the "oo" to "ee" transformation, as seen in 'foot' to 'feet' and 'tooth' to 'teeth' originates from old English.

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