Protecting and preserving wild lands by empowering stewards

From field operations to public communications, Outway’s stewardship-centered platform enables agencies to control their data, collaborate with their community, and communicate with everyone.

A digital home for the outdoors on one map

Our app enables organizations to manage resource data internally through streamlined workflows, collaboration with partners, and data communication to the public all in one place.

Cutting-edge map data

Productivity For All Teams

Create, share, and record information and events to communicate across teams, partners, and communities

Real-time Data

Update ground data on the fly

Downloadable Offline Maps

Stay informed wherever you are

Collaborative Map

Promoting shared stewardship throughout teams, agencies, and communities

Detailed Information Control

Customize points for any team, event, or location


Founded in stewardship

For all those who love and enjoy time in nature there are teams of land managers, native groups, non-profits, volunteers, and activists who work hard to conserve and protect these areas. Outway provides a digital home for more public and natural lands designed around the stewards as the foundation of the ecosystems.

Built For All Teams

Our platform is designed to work for any steward, in any capacity


Sensitive Area Closure

Work to restore damaged areas by communicating closures and other restoration measures to your team members, partners, and community.


Health and Safety

Alert partner organizations and necessary parties about medical incidents within your jurisdiction.


Human/Wildlife Interfacing

Let your community know about potentially hazardous wildlife sightings in the area.


Keep Ecosystems Functional

Track invasive species and other ecological data in real-time.


Fire Mitigation, Restoration, and Control

Communicate live fires, snags, burn areas, and all essential fire mitigation data to all stakeholders.


Connect With Your Community

Bridge the gap between land managers and the public by communicating information directly to them.


Routine Maintinance

Keep track of maintenance procedures and all other management data in real-time.


Stay On Top Of Things

Report incidents in the field, in real-time.


Everyone Is A Steward

Record your interactions on the fly, wherever you are.

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