Conservation Through Community

To further the conservation and accessibility of natural areas by fostering shared stewardship throughout teams, agencies, and communities.

For the Outdoor Community, those who thoughtfully steward and avidly enjoy nature, Outway bridges the gap between land managers and their stakeholders. Through our ground-breaking technical platform, we facilitate unprecedented collaboration and elevated experiences for all. As passionate stewards, adventurers, and professional technologists, we are uniquely poised to empower and unite the Outdoor Community.

Natural areas and the right to enjoy them should be preserved for everyone forever.

Our Core Principles

The driving ideas of which we have built both our company and product around.

If the land is public, so should be the information

From maps to trails to education; If the information and land is public domain, it should be easy to access and use.


Public Data

Outway works to collect and communicate public data through our app and API by creating simple tools for land managers to create, manage, and communicate their public information seamlessly.

"Land First" starts with boots on the ground

Every aspect of what we do needs to picture its impact on the land before anything else.


Ground Up Priorities

We design everything from the "Ground Up," aka from the soil up. We are a stakeholder-first company, and the land is our first stakeholder, followed by those who steward it. In our products and approach, we designed Outway to prioritize the local ecosystems by prioritizing the owners, land managers, and stewards of them.

We work better together

As humans, have the potential to accomplish exponentially more together than alone.


Collaboration At All Levels

Outway works to bridge the gap between everyone involved in natural lands from land managers to non-profits, to entire communities. We design solutions to bring down barriers between the groups so we can all work seamlessly together.

Software doesn't conserve wild lands, people do

Software can’t pick up trash, build trails, or pull invasive species. It can only support, connect, and empower those who do.


Physical Outcomes Over Metrics

We measure our success on the outcomes of our partners and clients by the impacts made on the ground: How did they overcome an invasive species, build new access, reduce erosion, etc.? We aim to support them by empowering their work in the field, collaboration with their partners, and communication to their communities.


Colorado Centered, Nationally Represented


We are rooted in Colorado because of the nature, people, and relative location. It’s centered in the US with a deep network of local, non-profit, state, and federal land management agencies.

National Presence:

Like ecosystems, our boundaries don’t stop at the lines on the map. We have people in the Pacific Northwest, California, Midwest, and Southern US.