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What is Outway?

A single space for all your work from the field to the office. One place to capture fieldwork, manage projects, create reports, and more.

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From land management professionals to responsible adventurers.  
Outway is for you.

Outway in action

Conquering the Too-Long-To-Do List

How the exceptional team at City of Lafayette Parks, Recreation & Open Space is using Outway to tackle a too-long-to-do list

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Moose on the Loose!

How the rangers in the City of Aspen and Pitkin County collaborate to track moose migrations!

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"... a simple interface that is focused on land management."

“We have been using Outway for a month and a half now, and are finding it very useful. Our primary use case is tracking data and being able to access it easily, for which Outway has been exceptionally helpful. Working in a location where there is no cellular signal it is important that we have a platform that we can use offline. Outway allows us to quickly add information, and to access important data while in the field. Other options that we looked at either required an internet connection, or were slow and clunky to use. One of my favorite features is the ability to quickly jump from my mobile device to my desktop . We are excited about the ability to start using Outway to provide information to the public through a simple interface that is focused on land management.”

- Guthrie Randolph-Lowe, Senior Ranger, Stagecoach State Park, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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Rooted in nature.
Nurtured with technology.

Our team has a unique background of history and experience working in land management, paired with professional training and experience building technology.


Acres managed

Active teams manage everything from open space to conservation easements.


Miles of trail mapped

Information on usages, elevations, land owners, and more for the entire State of Colorado and growing nationwide!


Locations tracked

Teams track every aspect of their job from assets in the field to real-time events.