Climbing Up the Hill


The outdoor community celebrates the enjoyment of our natural wilderness but as climate change sieges them with pollution and wildfires, the lands are struggling to support the ever-rising demand as the community grows exponentially. These issues are perpetuated by a lack of communication between the primary factions of the outdoor community; the land managers and the adventurers. The under-resourced land managers are cornered by outdated technology, while adventurers scramble for information from unreliable and misguiding sources. Only by bridging the chasm and uniting the outdoor community can we protect public lands for generations. At Outway, we create a nexus for outdoor information; we empower land managers to communicate and inform visitors, providing adventurers with a global resource for all of the outdoors. With our two-sided network, the community can educate each other on protection, conservation, and restoration of public lands through the outdoor recreation we cherish.



Whether you're an excited adventurer or a curious land manager, please don't hesitate to shoot us an e-mail!  We welcome any and all questions / feedback you may have for us!

365 43rd Street, Boulder, CO 80305

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Jumping Mountain Biker


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